Is your skin often irritated? Prone to redness or rashes? If so, it’s likely that you have sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin is often hard to deal with, especially when you consider the hyper awareness and vigilance required to ensure that the products and conditions you subject your skin to don’t end up making the pain and irritation worse.

If you want to better understand sensitive skin, look into the causes, and discover some brilliant vegan and organic skincare products that’ll help, then keep reading!

Sensitive skin is often defined as skin that is reactive to aggressors. These aggressors can be external factors such as weather and harsh skincare products or internal factors such as allergens, hormones, or medical conditions. These factors can often result in reddened, sore, itchy, and painful skin, or in some cases just feeling uncomfortable with your skin.

If you have extremely sensitive skin and it is often painful and irritated, then it is a good idea to see your doctor. They may be able to pinpoint the causes or some treatments that will help, in some cases you need certain medications to calm your skin. However, the majority of the time you will be able to soothe and treat your skin at home by adapting your skincare routine and taking the time to learn what products are gentle enough to work on your skin.

Sensitive skin is a common issue among all skin types and ages.

You may now be wondering ‘Do I have sensitive skin?’ There are many diverse types of sensitive skin and a wide variety of signs and symptoms to go with them, however, there are some common tell-tale signs that you may be dealing with sensitive skin.

Some of these common symptoms include your skin becoming irritated, blotchy, and red after using new products, or perhaps you experience stinging sensations on your face when it’s being washed or exposed to frigid wind or other weather conditions.

If your skin has a habit of developing rashes or becoming uncomfortable and sore when it’s introduced to adverse conditions, then it is likely that you have sensitive skin.

If you have or suspect, you may have sensitive skin then it is important to use products that are as gentle as possible. Here at Dear My Girls, our products are created using natural, organic ingredients, resulting in organic skincare products that are healthy and gentle on your skin. This is an easy organic skincare routine you can follow to try and get your skin under control, looking and feeling better.

The first step is to cleanse and tone your face. This will ensure that your face is clean of any residual products or ingredients that may be irritating your skin. Look for a gentle formula that won’t strip your skin of necessary oils.

An organic serum is a fantastic addition to any skincare routine, especially once your skin is clean in order to add more moisture and soothing ingredients back into your now open pores. Our Hydrating Firming Serum contains plant actives that hydrate, reduce wrinkles and double collagen production restore and nourish the skin to bring relief and calm inflammation and redness.

Perhaps the most common step in any skincare routine – moisturiser or face cream. It’s important to feed your skin moisture and moisturisers are the most effective way, they also supply a great base if you wear makeup. For sensitive skin we recommend our Fruitful Night Cream, a dermatologically tested organic moisturiser for sensitive skin that is formulated with Hibiscus, Jojoba to help repair the skin, even skin tone, improve elasticity and reduce stretch marks, protecting it from sensitivity.

Apply this gently to a cleansed face and neck, it is great in the morning to refresh your skin but can also work as a night cream in the evening.